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We lead you through every step of your weight loss journey to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

We have the pre-eminent weight loss physician in Oklahoma City with national recognition in the weight loss field. As a pioneer trained in bariatric medicine and on the forefront of newly evolved research and methods, he and his dedicated staff of professionals at The Steelman Clinic Weight and Wellness give you great support while on your way to a healthier lifestyle - even after you have achieved your weight loss goals.

The key to success is changing lifelong behaviors. This is difficult. You won’t be handed a standard 1,000-calorie eating plan you have likely tried before, told to “stick with it and you’ll be fine.” We all know this doesn’t work. Our weight loss clinic professionals work with you to help you make life-long changes by individualizing your treatment plan that best fits you. Take that step towards your success and make an appointment today.

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